Dieless Remote Crimping Tools Feature C-Head Design

BURNDY introduces the Y444SBH Series of Dieless Remote C-Head crimping tools. Expanding on the recently released PAT444S battery platform, the Y444SBH 11-Ton C-Head dieless remote tool operates on 10,000 psi pressure and is made to cross over both utility and commercial/industrial applications. 

Built off of the existing 644 crimping tool platform, the Y444SBH features a C-Head design allowing for both easy access and more flexibility. The dieless, nest and indenter crimping profile offers a large range taking capability, eliminating the need for stocking multiple die sets. Connections made with the Y444SBH are UL Listed to UL 486A-486B on copper and aluminum terminals and splices. They also comply with ANSI C119.4 on YDS-RL and the new YDS-RLNI Splices (ACSR, AAC, AAAC, ACAR). This crimper is offered with a five-year limited warranty.

 According to the manufacturer, other BURNDY splice families will be available soon. For more information, view the Web site


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