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Terex Utilities Showcases Equipment for Electric Utilities

June 5, 2024
Terex Utilities displayed two digger derricks, a bucket truck and other equipment at the recent Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference.

Fleet Managers were able to find equipment solutions to meet their needs from Terex Utilities at the 2024 Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference, Williamsburg, Virginia, June 2-5. 

“We recognize that every utility is unique and has different needs. Terex Utilities remains committed to manufacturing reliable, custom trucks built to the fleet specifications of our customers,” said Eric Kluver, vice president and general manager. 

During the annual drive-through at EUFMC, Terex Utilities showcased two digger derricks—a Commander C4047 digger derrick with FLEX PRO controls and a General 65 MAX.

“The dual-cylinder construction of Terex digger derricks is unmatched in the industry. Terex digger derricks can dig a hole, lift a full flight of dirt on the auger, and set the pole—helping crews be productive,” said Dan Brenden, director of engineering. 

FLEX PRO is a suite of flexible control options that allow operators to choose from a joystick command post, consoles below rotation, or multiple radio control options. FlexPro complements everything you expect from a Terex digger derrick and is available on Commander and General digger derrick models. 

Terex also showcased an Optima HR 55 bucket truck with HyPower SmartPTO by Viatec. Optima HR 55 features a 60 ft working height and more than 48 ft overcenter side reach. All Optima series aerials support ground access, which allows crews to easily hand off tools and clean the platform. The Optima HR 55 has up to 2,000 lbs of material handling capacity, and a 700-lb platform capacity. 

“When equipped with SmartPTO, this unit is the perfect first step into integrating electric operation into a fleet,” he added. SmartPTO powers the primary unit and auxiliary functions, lights and optionally the cab A/C. Operators can easily switch from the engine on conventional chassis to SmartPTO, eliminating excessive engine idling, reducing emissions, and decreasing engine-related expenses.

 For those looking for an all-electric solution, International displayed a Terex Optima 55 ft aerial device, powered by the HyPower SmartPTO by Viatec, on an International eMV Series battery electric 33,000 GVW chassis, from Navistar.

 Finally, Terex Utilities displayed the Hollow Kelly Bar, which eliminates the need for a screw anchor adaptor and reduces manual handling, requires less lifting and increases productivity.

“By using the Hollow Kelly Bar from Terex Utilities instead of a traditional locking dog and square bar, digger derrick operators can shave minutes off the process of installing screw anchors,” said Brenden.  “Our company history has been rooted in the growth and maintenance of this nation’s electric utility infrastructure for almost 80 years, but we also have our eye on the future,” said Kluver. “Our commitment is to build trucks in the configurations that are the most reliable to use for the varying needs of different types of crews, applying new technology into workable solutions,” he said.

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