Huskie Tools Unveils 6-Ton Inline Crimping and Cutting Tools

April 5, 2024
The lightweight and compact tools in the lineworker-driven SLA Series offer enhanced ease of operation and advanced safety features.

Huskie Tools announces the launch of its SLA Series, setting a new benchmark in utility lineworker equipment. With a legacy spanning nearly half a century, Huskie Tools has remained at the forefront of innovation, catering to the needs of utility workers who are the true “warriors of the weather and wire."

From distribution to transmission, substation and maintenance to disaster recovery, Huskie Tools has made it its mission to equip lineworkers with the tools they need to excel.

 "Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually push the boundaries of technology," remarked Dan Voss, director of business development at Huskie Tools. "With the launch of our new SLA Series, we are once again raising the bar by delivering tools that are not only innovative and powerful, but also prioritize safety and ergonomics," while being 25% faster.

 The new Huskie SLA 6-ton inline crimping and cutting tools empower lineworkers with power and control. Lighter, 25% faster and more compact than any other handheld tools on the market, according to the company, the SLA Series offers enhanced ease of operation and advanced safety features. Equipped with auto-retract and integrated "jog and hold" trigger design, these tools provide versatility, allowing lineworkers to work with efficiency and confidence.

 "Our aim with the SLA Series was to create tools that enable linemen to work smarter, not harder," explained Greg Holmes, director of marketing at Huskie Tools. "Through extensive research, lineman interviews and collaboration with industry professionals, we've engineered tools that meet the evolving needs of linemen, ensuring they have the “power to choose” the right equipment for every job in today’s new energy world."

 Huskie Tools takes pride in offering the largest selection of field-tested products compatible with the most popular lithium-ion battery platforms, including Milwaukee M-18 and Makita. Backed by a nationwide distribution network and factory-authorized service centers, Huskie Tools guarantees both performance and peace of mind for lineworkers.

"Power On Linemen!" exclaimed Holmes, encapsulating the spirit of resilience and determination that defines utility workers. "At Huskie Tools, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing lineworkers with world-class equipment that empowers them to overcome any challenge they may face."

For more information, visit the Huskie Tools website.

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