Compact Emergency Spill Kit Earns Industrial Hygiene Award

April 3, 2024
The Andax Combo Pac with PPE won the award in the Emergency Preparedness and Response category.

Andax Industries announces that the Andax Combo Pac w/PPE has received the 2024 Industrial Hygiene Award for Emergency Preparedness & Response.

The Andax Combo Pac w/ PPE is a compact, efficient spill-control solution designed for swift spill response. This compact, vacuum-packed emergency spill kit, measures only 18 in. by 8 in. by 5 in. thick. The durable, tamper-evident foil packaging guarantees response readiness, when you need it most.

The product includes color-coded labels to mark and identify known possible sources of a leak from equipment and storage areas, allowing responders to quickly identify the right Spill Pac for the job. Users simply label, match and respond.

It can contain liquid spills up to 10 gallons, safeguarding against water and ground contamination. Most importantly, the Andax Combo Pac w/ PPE includes the necessary personal protection materials to keep employees safe. The product includes a protective suit, gloves and splash goggles that are quickly accessible upon opening the Pac.

Whether you're a Hazmat responder or handling minor spills, prioritize safety with this compact, reliable spill-response solution.

For more information, visit or call (800) 999 1358.

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