DOE's Grid Overhaul Prioritizes Safety Using AI Maps of Underground Power Lines

Feb. 2, 2024
Exodigo partners with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to support the transition to underground electric power lines.

Exodigo recently announced that it will provide the accurate, complete subsurface maps needed to improve undergrounding processes for power lines as part of the Grid Overhaul with Proactive, High-speed Undergrounding for Reliability, Resilience, and Security (GOPHURRS) program led by the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). 

In partnership with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Rutgers, Exodigo will work with participating utilities - including Avista Utilities, Portland General Electric, and WEC Energy Group - to support GOPHURRS' mission to strengthen and modernize America’s aging power grid through the development of cost-effective, high-speed and safe undergrounding technologies. 

“Our team at PNNL sees great potential through this ARPA-E project to speed up undergrounding operations and support improvements to the reliability and resilience of the nation’s electrical grid,” said Frederick Day-Lewis, a chief geophysicist at PNNL. 

The project aims to revolutionize underground power distribution line installation. With the deployment of Exodigo’s artificial intelligence (AI) system, it will be possible to streamline the processing of geophysical survey data into digital twin and augmented reality, allowing for the identification of subsurface obstacles prior to installation. Exodigo’s advanced AI system will autonomously process data from multiple geophysical sensors, delivering accurate, complete subsurface mapping and utility identification. Ultimately, the project should drive significant cost savings and increased efficiency in the process of undergrounding power lines. 

“We are deeply honored to receive this federal funding as it is a testament to our team's relentless innovation and dedication. Underscoring Exodigo's commitment to revolutionizing undergrounding technology for power grids, we look forward to improving the resilience and efficiency of our nation's energy infrastructure in collaboration with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory,” said Jeremy Suard, CEO of Exodigo.

For more information, visit the Department of Energy (DOE) announcement. 

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