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New Fall Restraint Device is Lightweight for Lineworkers

Jan. 17, 2024
Buckingham's BuckSqueeze Lite weighs 3.5 lbs and features an ergonomic handle.

Over the years Buckingham has designed and manufactured many iterations of a wood pole fall restriction device. First came the original BuckSqueeze™, then the SuperSqueeze™, and finally the EZ Squeeze™.

The company is now introducing the BuckSqueeze™ Lite, said to be its lightest wood pole fall restriction device to date. 

Features & Benefits:
  • Buckingham’s lightest WPFR device to date at just 3.5 lbs.  
  • An ergonomic handle allows the inner rope to move freely providing the user maximum control of the device and comfort during long days on the pole.
  • Elimination of the “spike” allows the user to ascend and descend more easily.
  • Aluminum WebGrab™ features an extended eye cam to efficiently position the inner strap, creating zero binding and allows for easier replacement of the inner strap.
Nose D-ring:
  • Constructed of a large easy to connect d-ring section featuring a slotted “nose” that interlocks with the rotosnap to create a rigid connection, which makes ascending and descending the pole easier and more efficient.
  • Large d-ring section creates ease of reconnecting while transitioning, allowing for more efficient transfers. Great for rodeos!

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