Jeffrey Rodriguez, a lone lead lineman for Evergy, supported the apprentice competitors from the sidelines at the 2023 International Lineman’s Rodeo.

Lineworker Focus: Jeffrey Rodriguez

Feb. 12, 2024
Jeffrey Rodriguez has a passion for serving others through his career in the line trade.


  • Born in Kansas City, Missouri, and has two brothers, Mike Rodriguez and Earl Holmes
  • Engaged to Becky Whitmarsh, and they have 10 children: Jacob, 33; Paige, 31; MaKenzie, 31; TJ, 26; Alexandre, 26; Garret, 24; Olivia, 23; Bailey, 21; Emaily, 17; and Briella, 6.
  • Enjoys playing golf and watching collegiate wrestling.
  • Currently working on major infrastructure renovations in distribution and transmission. For example, the streetcar transit system in Kansas City, Missouri, is one of the major projects underway.

Early Years

In 1995, I began pursuing a career in the electrical trade. After four years, I earned my master’s electrical license, which opened doors for the opportunity to serve in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Serving on a mission trip, I befriended a gentleman named Paul White. Paul encouraged me to take the next step in furthering my knowledge in this wonderful field of service. Back in 2003, I had the opportunity to test for a lineworker position at Kansas City Power & Light (now Evergy), and I started my career in the industry in June 2004.

Day in the Life

Going through a lineman apprenticeship is a path I would highly recommend to one who has a heart to serve. Working toward the journeyman lineman certificate was hard at times, however, very fulfilling. This career has led me from an apprentice to a lone lineman to a lead lineman, to now a lone lead lineman. 

Day in the Life

My responsibilities include serving supervisors, planners, crews, dispatchers, contractors and our customers. There is never enough time in the day, but I take one thing at a time. For example, today, I started off the day with a little time for thankfulness. After joining a morning kickoff, I checked phone messages and emails. This morning, I followed up on Friday work performed by contractors and dispatched needed assistance for a transformer replacement. I also supervised assistance on yard damage and cover jobs for customers. Later on in the day, I changed out an overhead transformer, then assisted an electrician. I concluded my work day by assisting a crew changing out a pad mount transformer and setting up crew for broken pole replacement. Knowing all our people worked a safe day without incident is a beautiful gift.

Safety Lesson

Safety has and always will be a priority in this field of work. This mindset should never fluctuate.

Memorable Storm

Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast was a memorable time. We were out on storm restoration duty for a month. We arrived when the storm actually hit inland. We worked in New Jersey right off the coast. The hurricane uprooted trees, and the flooding moved houses. The residents were amazing.

Tools and Technology

Some of the best tools a lineworker can’t live without are other lineworkers. Prayers, knowledge and humbleness are key. Of course, Milwaukee battery tools have proven to be very valuable in our trade.

Life in the Line Trade

Serving others will always be my passion, and there is no other field I would rather be in. This is a family who serves others and works in all conditions to get the lights on. 

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