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LUMA Completes Substation Work to Improve Reliability

Dec. 7, 2023
Crews replaced switches and repaired hot spots and other equipment to continue improving system reliability.

LUMA announced critical upgrades and improvements to the Sabana Llana substation as the latest phase of the historic FEMA-funded Substation Modernization Initiative that will result in improved service reliability for customers across the island.

"The Sabana Llana substation is a critical part of achieving our goal to improve system reliability and help reduce the risk of future outages for customers," says Juan Saca, chief executive officer. "Work like this will help us achieve what we know the people of Puerto Rico expect and deserve -- a more reliable energy service with fewer outages."

LUMA's upgrades to the Sabana Llana Substation including the following critical assessments and improvements:

  • Increasing reliability by replacing breakers and an outdated transformer with industry-standard, modern equipment.
  • Improving resiliency by performing thermal imaging inspections, conducting necessary repairs across all areas of the substation and clearing hazardous vegetation.
  • Protecting crews and critical infrastructure by replacing 1,200 ft of fencing and installing a secondary grounding area.

This work is helping to improve system reliability for customers served by the Sabana Llana Substation and to optimize distribution operations for customers served by other nearby substations.

Substation Modernization Initiative
The FEMA-funded SMI includes an initial $143 million in approved federal funds to help improve the reliability of the electric system in Puerto Rico by modernizing and rebuilding substations across the island. Work is underway at 15 substations with plans to modernize 50 substations over the next two years, including the complete reconstruction of six major substations. Learn more at


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