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IBEW Welcomes Historic Federal Investment Into Power Grid

Nov. 2, 2023
Funding will go to 58 projects in 44 states, strengthening and modernizing the electric grid.

The Biden-Harris administration recently announced nearly $3.5 billion in funds for the largest investment in America’s electrical infrastructure ever. This money will go to 58 projects in 44 states, strengthening and modernizing the electric grid. 

“We’re pleased the Department of Energy has announced funding for these critical projects to strengthen our power grid, funded by President Biden’s historic infrastructure law,” said IBEW International President Kenneth W. Cooper. “IBEW members are already on the front lines powering and maintaining our nation’s energy infrastructure, and we have partnered with the Biden administration from its earliest days to ensure the jobs rebuilding and reinforcing the grid are the sort of middle-class, family-sustaining jobs that President Biden speaks about all the time.” 

The administration reiterated its support for union jobs, with three out of four projects already committed to using IBEW members in their construction and many more still in the planning process. Many of those are expected to use an IBEW workforce as well. 

Funded by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, these jobs range from enhancing grid resilience to withstand increasingly severe weather events to connecting customers with renewable power generated in isolated, rural areas. This week’s announcement is just the first round of spending under the Energy Department’s Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnership, which will invest more than $10 billion into modernizing the nation’s power grid. 

“The men and women of the IBEW are ready to get to work, and this announcement is a great step forward,” said Cooper.

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