2023 Rodeo 6

Midwest Energy Apprentice Wins PLP Armor Rod Install Challenge

Nov. 1, 2023
Theron Tucker installed a set of armor rods and a distribution tie in a winning time of 39 seconds during the PLP competition at the 2023 Lineman's Expo.

At the 2023 International Lineman's Expo, the exhibitors organized contests in their booths to engage the attendees. For example, in the PLP booth, the company continued its tradition of sponsoring the PLP Armor Rod Install Challenge. This year, the challenge was to install a set of Armor Rods and a Distribution Tie.

Contestants first had to qualify to be in our top 16 fastest times," says Josh Nelson, manager, marketing communications for PLP. "We then took those top 16 contestants and made a single-elimination sweet 16 bracket."

Theron Tucker, a fourth-year apprentice lineworker for Midwest Energy, first qualified to be in the top 16. Next, he made it through PLP's head-to-head finals bracket filled with the world's best lineworkers (including two past champions) to become the 2023 PLP Armor Rod Install Challenge Champion, Nelson says. 

In the finals, it took him just 39 seconds to install a set of Armor Rods and a Distribution Tie. Second place went to Zachary Haithcock, a journeyman lineworker for Duke Energy.

To see Theron in action, check out the video below. A video clip of another contestant in the competition went viral with more than 3.3 million plays on T&D World's Instagram page, Linemen World, which gained more than 3,000 followers from around the world since Lineman's Rodeo Week. 

Visit PLP's website for more information about Armor Rods. 

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