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Portable Simulator Designed for Underground Grounding Applications

Oct. 19, 2023
Utility Solutions, Inc.launched a new training tool called the Underground Grounds-Trainer.

Utility Solutions, Inc. announces the release of the Underground Grounds-Trainer. This portable personal protective grounding simulator is designed specifically for underground grounding applications, setting a new standard in the industry.

The Underground Grounds-Trainer also signals the debut of the company’s new PhaseLink™ training platform. PhaseLink™ enables users to connect wirelessly to the unit from personal smartphones, tablets or laptops, and interact in real-time with the unit.

"Our team is dedicated to creating training tools that educate and promote the safety of those working within underground systems. It's rewarding to know that the Underground Grounds-Trainer™ will play a pivotal role in advancing industry safety standards," says Kaylor Garcia, lead engineer at Utility Solutions, Inc.

This training solution covers a wide array of vital grounding concepts, including Radial vs. Loop Circuits, Ground Potential Rise, Distribution of Fault Currents, Neutral Currents and Total Isolation, Soil Resistivity, Equipment Protection Zones (EPZ), and the Resistance of Personal Protective Ground Sets. The Underground Grounds-Trainer also covers basic switching principles, including phasing out the open point. 

Jon Spencer, product manager at Utility Solutions, Inc., also emphasized the significance of the Underground Grounds-Trainer:

"Our primary goal was to enhance safety and effectiveness in training. We believe that by providing hands-on experience with complex grounding procedures, professionals will be better prepared to execute their duties safely, reducing the risk of accidents. The Underground Grounds-Trainer is a game-changer for our industry."

Utility Solutions, Inc. recognizes the critical role that grounding principles play in the electrical utility industry. To address this, the Underground Grounds-Trainer has been meticulously developed to ensure that personnel receive the training and knowledge required to safely and effectively work with URD systems.

The Underground Grounds-Trainer with PhaseLink offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Hands-On Learning: Users can experience the intricacies of personal protective grounding in a  controlled environment.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The simulator covers a wide range of key grounding concepts, making it a training tool for lineworkers at all levels.
  • Enhanced Safety: As safety is paramount, the Underground Grounds-Trainer ensures that personnel are well-versed in grounding procedures, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Cost-Efficient Training: The trainer provides an efficient and cost-effective way to educate utility personnel.

For more information on the Underground Grounds-Trainer and other Utility Solutions, Inc. products and services,  visit www.utilitysolutionsinc.com.

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