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Line Life Podcast: Drone-Installed Bird Diverters on an Overhead River Crossing

July 21, 2023
Ameren Missouri installed high-visibility flight diverters on high-voltage transmission lines in Missouri to safeguard eagles and other large birds.

Ameren Missouri recently installed high visibility flight diverters on distribution and high voltage transmission lines over Bagnell Dam in Missouri. With bald eagles flocking to the Lake of the Ozarks, the flight diverters help to prevent collisions with overhead lines.

In other parts of the service territory, lineworkers have installed covers, deterring not only eagles but also other large birds from striking multiple energized phases at the same time. Through its avian protection program, Ameren is not only protecting wildlife, but also the integrity of its distribution system. 

For our July 2023 Line Life Podcast, which is sponsored by Huskie Tools, Field Editor Amy Fischbach has a conversation with Kurt Rakers, supervising engineer at Ameren Missouri, about how the utility used drones to install the bird diverters. To listen to the full episode, click on the icon below, and for more information, read the full story, Drone-Installed Bird Diverters Prevent Avian Collisions from our Electric Utility Operations section about the project. 

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