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PPL Electric Utilities Wins 95th Annual Edison Award

June 13, 2023
EEI honored the utility for installing and integrating a dynamic line rating system within its transmission management system.

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI)  awarded PPL Electric Utilities (PPL Electric) with the 95th Edison Award. Presented annually and selected by a panel of former energy industry executives, the Edison Award is said to be the electric power industry’s highest honor. The award was presented in Austin during EEI 2023, the institute’s annual thought leadership forum.

In October 2022, PPL Electric became the first electric company in the United States to install and integrate a dynamic line rating (DLR) system within its transmission management system (TMS) into market operations. This has allowed the company to optimize the operation of its transmission lines by using accurate real-time ratings. Traditional conservative static ratings can result in transmission lines being underutilized during periods of high demand.

Today, PPL Electric is sending hourly day-ahead ratings forecasts to PJM Interconnection’s market operations to help coordinate more efficient generation and ensure reliability. The functionalities and methodologies the company developed and implemented while integrating DLR into real-time and day-ahead market operations with PJM are novel for the U.S. electric power industry.

“EEI and our member companies are committed to delivering affordable and resilient clean energy to the customers and communities we serve,” said EEI President and CEO Tom Kuhn. “PPL Electric is leading by example with this dynamic line ratings project. By demonstrating the accuracy and effectiveness of this innovative technology, other energy grid operators now are able to evaluate how this solution might enhance their systems. PPL Electric is very deserving of this prestigious recognition, and I congratulate them for winning this year’s Edison Award.”

“Our dynamic line rating system is an innovative solution that optimizes our current transmission system to help us avoid the need for transmission line rebuild and improvement projects,” said PPL Electric Utilities President Steph Raymond. “We are proud to be the first electric company in the United States to use a dynamic line rating in real-time operations and day-ahead markets. PPL Electric is honored to be recognized with this year’s Edison Award for the work we are doing to provide reliable, safe, and competitively priced energy to our customers and the communities we serve every day.”

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