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Eversource Ready to Respond to Active Hurricane Season

June 1, 2023
The energy company encourages customers to be prepared with an emergency plan and storm kit.

As the 2023 hurricane season begins, Eversource is reminding customers about the importance of preparing and planning for major storms. The changing climate is increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather, and the energy company works year-round to strengthen the grid through upgrades, maintenance and proactive vegetation management to enhance reliability for customers.

Atlantic hurricane season lasts through November, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting a near-normal season with up to 17 storms having winds above 39 mph and possibly nine of those storms becoming hurricanes.

“With extreme weather posing a threat to reliability year-round, our team is always ready to respond to whatever Mother Nature brings—especially during hurricane season when severe storm systems can be unpredictable,” said Eversource President of Electric Operations in Connecticut Steve Sullivan. “Every day we’re working to make the electric system more resilient to the changing climate, including installing stronger poles and thicker wires, actively patrolling our circuits and addressing hazardous trees that may threaten the grid while also investing in new, smart technologies that can help shorten the amount of time a home or business is without power.”

With trees causing more than 90 percent of power outages during storms, trimming and removing hazard trees that threaten overhead electric lines is crucial to providing customers with reliable power in all types of weather. The energy company’s comprehensive year-round tree trimming program is fundamental to emergency preparedness.

This year Eversource is investing $74 million to help reduce storm-related tree damage across Connecticut with work scheduled along more than 4,300 miles of electric lines.

“Collaboration and coordination with others are paramount during storms, and we’re constantly refining our planning and emergency response processes while closely communicating with emergency management and public safety officials and our communities,” Sullivan continued. “We’re ready for another hurricane season, and we want to make sure our customers are ready too.” 

Keeping Customers Safe During Hurricane Season
Eversource offers several simple tips and steps customers can take to help prepare for hurricane season at home – before, during and after a storm.

The energy company provides a storm safety checklist and encourages customers to always have an emergency plan in place, stock a storm kit with essential items, plan a meeting place for family members and be ready to check on neighbors. Customers can also download Eversource’s mobile app or sign up for the company’s two-way texting to report and check outages in the event they do occur. 

For more information on Eversource’s emergency preparedness efforts and restoration process, visit Eversource.com

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