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SRP and City of Scottsdale Partner to Remove Trees Growing Close to Power Lines

May 2, 2023
For every tree removed, three new trees were planted as part of SRP’s Right Tree, Right Place program.

Salt River Project (SRP) and the City of Scottsdale have partnered on the Right Tree, Right Place program to identify and remove trees that pose a threat to nearby power lines. To offset the removal of each tree, SRP plants at least three new trees. The newly planted trees consist of both power-line-friendly species planted near power lines and taller species with larger canopies planted away from power lines.

In all, 146 trees were removed, and 441 new trees were planted at numerous locations throughout Scottsdale, including at parks and community centers, and along roadways. The efforts started in October and concluded with the three final trees being planted at Chaparral Park during an Arbor Day sustainability event hosted by the two entities on April 28.

"Scottsdale values the critical role trees play in creating a healthier community. Trees clean our air, cool our sidewalks and parks, and provide habitat to birds and other species," said Scottsdale Sustainability Director Lisa McNeilly. "The city is proud to be recognized as a Tree City USA by the Arbor Day Foundation for 41 years and remains committed to the environment."

Five trees were planted at the Arbor Day event – three from SRP as part of Right Tree, Right Place, one from the Major Winfield Scott Chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution and one from Scottsdale Garden Club.

"SRP is proud to work with our local partners, like the city of Scottsdale, for this program," said Lori Jones, SRP Maintenance Services Manager. "By removing trees that pose a threat to our power lines and planting at least three more for each one removed, we’re able to prevent potentially dangerous situations and outages while also helping the environment."

Trees growing too close to power lines can pose a number of threats, including power outages and fires, which is why SRP partners with local cities to help reduce the risk. This is especially important ahead of the upcoming monsoon season.

Since the program launched in 2018, SRP has removed more than 1,000 trees and planted more than 4,000 across the Valley. Previous city partners for the program include Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Avondale and Peoria. 

SRP also offers up to two free shade trees to its residential customers through the SRP Shade Tree Program. Following a workshop, attendees are able to pick up two desert-adapted shade trees for their homes. SRP hands out more than 5,000 of these trees every year as part of the program. When placed strategically around the home, shade trees can help cut cooling costs.

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