Hastings Fiber Glass Arm With Multiple Connection Holders

Hot Line Tools Designed to Enhance Lineworker Safety and Efficiency

Feb. 28, 2023
Hastings' line of hotline tools includes fiberglass extension arms with standard round and super U holders and retrofit kits for existing extension arms.

 An international supplier of hot line tools and equipment, Hastings produces hundreds of safety-focused products designed to increase lineworker safety and efficiency. The Fiber Glass Extension Cross Arms are available with up to two Standard Conductor Holders or Large Capacity Holders. Retrofit Kits are also available to convert existing extension arms to the Standard or Super “U” Arm configurations.

The fiberglass extension arms fit composite or wood cross arms up to 4.25 in. by 6.75 in. and are usable with Hastings’ Round and Super “U” Extension Arms. Rubber grippers on the arms prevent damage to composite cross arms while casting trim on the end fitting provides protection on the bottom side of composite cross arms. The powder coating on the cross arm loop also prevents damage.

For more information about the Fiber Glass Extension Arms, the Standard Super “U” Arm attachments, and the Retrofit Kit, see page 309 of Hastings’ online catalog at www.hfgp.com.

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