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Austin Community College Offers Discount on Lineworker Training

Feb. 16, 2023
Students registering for ACC's Lineworker program receive a 50 percent tuition discount for classes, which start in April.

Austin Community College (ACC) is now offering a 50 percent discount to students enrolling in non-credit Fast Track Career Certificates, including courses in line work. The courses, which start in April, consist of the following:

  • Orientation and Line Skill Fundamentals: The Orientation and Line Skill Fundamentals course examines aspects of utility company operations. Topics include Company Structure, Safety and Distribution Standards Handbook, Lineman's Tools, Vocabulary, and Work Procedures. There is also full discussion of Basic Electrical Systems including the history of Power Generation and Distribution, with emphasis on Generating Plants and Substations.
  • Climbing Skills: Our Climbing Skills course teaches the theory and application of pole climbing. These topics cover such things as Safety, Climbing Techniques, Tool and Pole Inspection, Personal Protective Equipment, Fall Protection, and more.

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