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CEATI Announces Call for Abstracts for 2023 T&D Conference

Feb. 1, 2023
The event will be Nov. 14-15, 2023, in Fort Worth, Texas.

The CEATI transmission and distribution events have been reunited to form the T&D Conference. This event will include dedicated tracks covering all T&D assets including transmission and distribution lines, as well as substations, grounding and lightning and vegetation management. 

The call for abstracts is now open. Click here to submit an abstract. CEATI is seeking presentations on the following topics: 

Aging Infrastructure and Equipment Reliability  

  • Design assumptions, equipment operations, and maintenance planning and actions 
  • Managing the life cycle of equipment and cost optimization  
  • T&D infrastructure condition assessment (including overhead lines, underground cables, and buried grounding systems) 
  • Reliability based inspection planning 
  • Repair vs. replacement strategies  
  • Supply chain and inventory management strategies

Preparation for and Response to Extreme Events  

  • Climate change adaptation and improving resilience to extreme events 

  • Risk assessment and long-term planning for grid resiliency and climate adaptation
  • Power system modelling and hardening options
  • Changes in design and construction standards in response to expected climate change 
  • Planning and operations of emergency response during and after extreme climatic events 
  • New technologies to improve lightning response, protection and performance 

Wildfire Prevention and Mitigation

  • Regulations, guidelines, and best practices 
  • Identification and detection of ignition events  
  • System design, inspection & maintenance actions to mitigate and eliminate ignition events  
  • Integrated vegetation management strategies and best practices 

Clean Energy and Emerging Technology 

  • Integration of intermittent renewables and impacts on the grid
  • Evolving role of the electricity meter and associated AMI data along with applications and grid edge applications
  • Impact of changing end-user usage on the planning and operation of the grid. Examples include but not limited to: 
    1. Impacts of electrification, including impacts on transmission and distribution grid infrastructure 
    2. Distributed Energy Resource (DER) integration at the individual and community level, such as rooftop solar, and vehicle to grid 
    3. Energy efficiency such as new building codes, LED lights, heat pumps.
    4. Switch from natural gas to electric heating
    5. Micro-grids and powering end of line sites and remote communities                                         

Safety and Security 

  • Safety impacts and response to the evolving grid such as reverse power flow and stray voltage  
  • Grounding system safety – deterministic versus probabilistic analysis 
  • Physical protection of infrastructure and security 
  • Safe practices during station expansion projects 
  • Copper theft – challenges and mitigation practices 

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