Insulated Ratchet Cutter Designed for ACSR or Soft Wire

Feb. 1, 2023
Lineworkers can use the cutter for overhead or underground work.

 As a worldwide manufacturer of hot line tools and equipment, Hastings designs a range of tools and devices to help lineworkers do their jobs safely and efficiently, including its Insulated Ratchet Cutter and accessories.

Weighing between 9 and 11.5 lbs, the Insulated Ratchet Cutter is designed to be interchangeable with either an ACSR or Soft Wire Cutter head. Available in lengths of 5, 6, 8, and 10 ft, this cutter can tackle overhead work providing clean cuts for splicing conductors and also handles work underground.

Hastings Insulated Ratchet Cutter operates in any position with a handle that folds to store in a 6-in. canister. The cutter features an upper roller to minimize shaft deflection, and its parts are standardized for easy replacement.

The Insulated Ratchet Cutter shaft and operating rod is made of durable, insulated fiberglass and can be customized with a Grounding Cutter for cutting URD cable while the cutter head is grounded for maximum safety. Custom builds are also available by contacting Hastings directly.

 For more information about the Insulated Ratchet Cutter with ACSR Head, visit page 130 of Hastings’ online catalog by visiting www.hfgp.com.

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