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T&D World Thanks Linemen on Thanksgiving and Every Day

Nov. 15, 2022
As Thanksgiving approaches, we wish linemen and their families a safe and happy holiday.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to give a special thank you to all the linemen who read T&D World and their families and friends for supporting them.

Oftentimes, as other families are celebrating holidays with their loved ones, linemen are away from home restoring power following hurricanes, ice storms and other severe weather. When the power goes out, they travel in their trucks to help out--no matter what time it is or what the weather conditions are like. 

Americans often don't realize the sacrifices linemen make to keep their homes warm and bright, but I think about it each and every day. On this Thanksgiving holiday, I hope the sun shines bright, the severe storms stay away and linemen can take time to relax, eat some delicious food and spend time with their families and friends. 

As we head into 2023, please let us know what topics you would like to see us cover in our Line Life podcast and Electric Utility Operations section and how we can continue to serve you. Email me at [email protected] with your comments. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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