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Consultant Offers New Course Catalog for Electric Workers

Nov. 2, 2022
Maximo Fuentes, owner of Fuentes Consulting LLC, specializes in providing training, advice and assistance for utilities and contractors for power line workers.

Maximo Fuentes, the owner of Fuentes Consulting, LLC, recently released a new course catalog for training courses. Fuentes, who retired from the Sacramento Municipal Utility District in 2015, says he is passionate about working with utilities, contractors, electric co-ops and attorneys to enhance safety training and education. 

"As a retired T&D electric line supervisor I am able to relate to the workers I encounter, having worked in all types of conditions and situations," he says. "This provides me with valuable insight into safety, training, health and improving the longevity of the worker and also the organization."

Here are some of the courses that he is currently offering in addition to his incident investigation and expert witness services:

Pole Top and Aerial Lift Rescue
This is a one-day workshop that meets the OSHA requirements for safety-related work practices training. There is a classroom presentation that covers the procedures for rescuing injured victims while working aloft on wood poles and in an aerial lift/bucket. After the presentation the workers will proceed to the training area, they will be divided into teams of three and begin demonstrating the following:

  • Responding to 911 dispatcher questions.
  • Pole top rescue - cross arm or screwdriver method.
  • Aerial lift rescue
    *methods depend on what equipment the company uses, i.e., dumping the bucket or block and tackle equipment.

Fuentes Consulting will provide a written report for the employer about the organization’s performance for certification/recertification documentation and recommendations.

Safety and Work Procedures Development
Fuentes Consulting LLC provides subject matter expertise to your organization to review, revise, and update current safety and work procedures in order to ensure that your organization is in compliance with existing rules, and regulations on a local, state, and federal level. 

Personal Protective Grounding
This is a four-hour workshop that meets the OSHA requirements for safety-related work practices training. Grounding is a complex subject with many variables to consider when developing a personal protective grounding scheme; the high-voltage electrical worker is exposed to a number of supply sources that have to be accounted for and protective measures have to be adequate and implemented precisely to eliminate accidental contact that can lead to injury and death. This workshop focuses on the following areas:

  • De-energizing lines and equipment.
  • Clearances and authorizations.
  • High Voltage Supply Sources
  • Electrical Calculations
  •  Master/bracket grounding
  • EPZ grounding
  • Step-and-touch potential
  • Grounding Scenarios
  • Case Study

 Wildfire Mitigation Plan, Independent Evaluator
Fuentes Consulting LLC provides a comprehensive review of the organization’s WFMP as an independent evaluator to ensure that it meets with the applicable California SB 901 requirements. The consultant provides the following services:

  • Service Territory Survey 1. Identification and Expansion of Higher Wildfire Threat Areas, SB 901 Section 42(b) (2) (K) Identification of any geographic area in the local publicly owned electric utility’s or electrical cooperative’s service territory...
  • Service Territory Survey 2. Includes a construction inspection spot check; verifying adherence to industry construction practices, noting GO 95 infractions.
  • Comprehensive Wildfire Plan Update - (Every three years)
  • Independent Evaluations - the consultant will provide an evaluation of the contents and substance of the POU’s WMP, in comparison to relevant industry standards. 

Frontline Supervisor Leadership Training
Fuentes Consulting LLC provides a comprehensive three-hour Frontline Supervisor and Electric Foreman leadership development workshop. 

  • The Role of the Leader
  • Personal Safety Ownership
  • Five Core Leadership Competencies
  • Identifying Leadership Styles
  • Coaching and Mentoring 
  • Job Plans
  • Job Briefings
  • Performance Evaluations

Organizational Succession Planning for Frontline Supervisors and Foremen
Fuentes Consulting LLC will compile and present specific strategies to address any leadership pipeline or workforce gaps identified in the analyses. Along with best practices from other organizations and agency succession planning goals, the plan will recommend strategies to lessen the impact of institutional knowledge loss as employees retire or leave and to maximize current talent utilization by closing leadership staffing and competency gaps/deficiencies. Fuentes Consulting LLC will work with your company to identify the most impactful and feasible strategies for inclusion. Guidance on the implementation of these strategies will also be provided. Focus on long-term strategies to identify growth potential, align developing skill sets with mission needs, and provide employees with timely, relevant opportunities to develop managerial skills and gain technical proficiency.

For more information, visit the Web site or email Maximo Fuentes

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