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2022 Lineman's Rodeo: What to Bring for Competition Day

Oct. 7, 2022
Here's what you need for the day of the Rodeo to participate in the competition.

The 2022 International Lineman's Rodeo is almost here, and the team at T&D World wishes linemen and their families a safe trip to Kansas City for Rodeo Week.

As you pack your belongings, here are some things that you need to bring for the day of competition.

While the mystery event tools will either be provided by the International Lineman's Rodeo Association or by the contestants, here is what you need to take with you to the Agricultural Hall of Fame grounds on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022:

  • Hooks
  • Belt
  • Hard hat (no Western-style hard hats or helicopter/mountain climbing style hard hats will be permitted)
  • Safety glasses (must be worn inside the roped-off sections of all Rodeo events)
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Hand tools
  • Work gloves (must be worn when performing work or handling materials within the competition ropes)
  • 20 kV rubber gloves (minimum) with protectors
  • Hand lines and all bags used for the event (must have a sheave in it and must have an approved “becky” for hanging on the pole)

For more information, visit the complete rules packet

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