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Transformer Lab Simulator Designed for Mobile Devices

Oct. 4, 2022
Check out the Lineman’s Reference – XFMR Lab, which was designed by a journeyman lineman, at the 2022 International Lineman's Expo.

Lineman’s Reference – XFMR Lab is a fully functional transformer lab simulator for mobile devices. The XFMR Lab was created solely by a journeyman lineman and will help users to master their transformer banks. In the XFMR Lab, there are currently 13 labs to completely wire up, check voltage, check rotation, inspect the secondary coils, inspect the nameplate and more. You can create a custom quiz for yourself and your apprentices that will grade your performance and give a score out of 100. Every lab has a diagram that can be quickly referenced in the Diagrams Menu.

Digital Apprentice is now offering a new service, the Company Customized Experience, to work with power companies to implement their specifications and guidelines. Companies are issued a custom code that, when entered into the application, will completely change the XFMR Lab to their specs. Affected labs and content are marked with the company’s logo. Reach out if you would like to get the XFMR Lab customized for your company.

Trenton Carlock, founder and CEO, created the application because he wasn’t exposed to very many transformer banks in his apprenticeship.

"I could draw the basics on paper, but outside of that I knew little to nothing," he says. "I studied transformers and worked on this application on my own time for over a year before I released it, and I still work on it today - almost a year later. I had heard that there were similar computer programs out there but that they came with a price tag only big companies could afford, so I made transformer training available to everyone.” 

 Stop by Booth #615 at the International Lineman's Rodeo or visit the Web site to learn more. 

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