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ClampStar Releases New Training Video on Deadend Installation

Sept. 14, 2022

According to ClampStar, the weakest link in any overhead system will always be connection points, such as; deadends, suspension clamps, and splices. Conductors and well-maintained towers will always outlast connectors.

Even though some connectors fail due to mechanical stress, electrical failures appear to be more commonly reported. In these situations, the connector resistance increases over time to a high enough value that a rapid deterioration of the connector occurs, resulting in catastrophic failure due to electric overheating if no intervention is made.

The cause of an increase in electrical resistance is usually a combination of several factors:

  • High initial resistance due to improper assembly/Installation or defective materials
  • Degradation of electrical interfaces in the connectors through thermal cycling
  • Oxidation of electrical interfaces due to contaminants and environmental effects

Electrical/Mechanical Shunts under the trade name, ClampStar can reduce overall maintenance costs, defer maintenance or replacement and extend the life of overhead lines. First introduced in 2008, with hundreds of thousands now installed, these devices extend line life while improving public safety, according to the company. 

To learn more, check out the new installation video from ClampStar about its CSS Deadend Transmission Class units, which are used to correct deadend connections on overhead transmission conductors.

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