Spotlight on the Line Trade: Miguel Angel Carrizales

April 5, 2022
Miguel Angel Carrizales of Evergy says in the line trade, there is always something new to be done in the field—whether new construction or maintenance of existing systems.
  • Born in San Angelo, Texas, and has six brothers and sisters.
  • Is the first in his family to have graduated college and worked in the utility industry. His mother is from Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, and his father is from Ciudad Acuña Coahuila, Mexico. They came to the United States as residential workers to pursue a better life for their children.
  • Married to Ellizabeth Tellez. They have been together for 11 years and married for more than a year with two beautiful children, Dario, 14 and Mariana, 15.
  • Enjoys working on cars and remodeling homes, traveling and devoting time to his family.

Early Years

I came across the utility industry when I decided to return to school to pursue a better life and career for myself and family. My family inspired me to get into the trade. They believed I could do anything as long as I put my mind and heart into it.

Day in the Life

Being my lineman is my first job in the utility industry. As a troubleman for Evergy in Kansas City, Missouri, I am responsible for diagnosing circuits and equipment and handling customer service. Every moment and ticket are different. When I receive power-out calls, I respond to area outages and face immediate dangers and hazards. It is challenging to diagnose problems in the dark. It is rewarding when I can fix a problem to get lights back on, especially in extreme weather conditions where customers have been without power.

Safety Lesson

The first winter storm we had in 2018 was an eye-opening experience. I learned quickly the importance of communication and all the circumstances that come with storms. For example, it’s important to have the proper PPE and perform the proper procedures. Voltage checks, isolating the circuits and restoring circuits is crucial to our safety and wellbeing.

Memorable Storm

I have been a part of snowstorms and rainstorms. Getting through the elements when it’s snowing and below zero or raining with lightning and thunder is a blessing. High winds can cause old trees to land on the system or homes. Snow makes almost everything impossible to access. But we strap on our boots and find a way to bring power back to the people. Most storm restorations take over a couple of weeks on end and require all hands on deck. It’s difficult to work 16 hours on end when we are hungry and have gotten little sleep or home life, but there is no better feeling than the cheers from our customers coming back on with lights.

Labor-Saving Tools

I can’t live without any of my tools—from my basic hand tools to electric and pneumatic. They are my prize possessions. The tools are more advanced and are battery-operated now. I respect the past generation of laborers, but I appreciate any tools that can help my body maintain its integrity. My father and I bonded over tools, and I can now show my son my tools and pass them on to him someday.

Life as a Lineman

If I had to do it all over again, I would have done this sooner. It is life changing, challenging and rewarding. When I am asked what my plans for the future are. you are looking right at it. I am 33 years old and found happiness in what I do. I love being a lineman.

Plans for the Future

My plan for the near future is to sharpen my skillset. There are so many options available. Maybe I will lead a crew one day or be senior in my department.

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