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Line Life Podcast: Working Barehand in the Tropics

Aug. 20, 2021
Listen to our latest audio story about how BHI Energy’s crews perform energized insulator replacements in the Florida Keys.

BHI Energy Inc.’s barehand crews are hard at work over land and water. The power services company is using barges with trucks anchored over water locations and 125-ft bucket trucks over land to replace 1,473 insulators on 491 structures on 138-kV energized power lines.

“The significant advantage of live-line, or barehand, work is that there is no interruption in power delivery to thousands of customers,” said Randy Beckes, vice president of transmission for BHI Energy. “Crucial 138-kV high-voltage lines like these cannot be switched out and must remain energized.”

To listen to the full audio story, written by Amy Fischbach and narrated by Danielle Blanchette, click on the link to the Line Life podcast below. 

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