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Radians Launches New PPE for Women and Men

Aug. 19, 2021
The new products include T-shirts, coveralls, earplugs and a hard hat shade.

Safety professionals and distributors have more performance and style choices for women’s PPE thanks to Radians’ recent introduction of hi-vis T-shirts and FR coveralls designed by women for women. They also launched foam earplugs designed for smaller ear canals and a unisex hard hat shade for protection against the sun’s rays, heat, and glare.

New Women’s Hi-Vis Class 2 and Class 3 T-Shirts with Max-Dri™
“Women in construction, manufacturing, traffic, and the trades need better fitting workwear to perform their jobs safely and comfortably,” said Nicole Novick, a product manager at Radians. “Oversized men’s T-shirts can catch on equipment, which can lead to trips and falls, an OSHA top ten safety violation. Plus, the bulkiness of oversized men’s shirts is unflattering on women,” said Novick.

The new ST11W and ST21W women’s T-Shirts feature Max-Dri Moisture Wicking Mesh, which is an arid Birdseye Mesh that allows maximum breathability without compromising durability. The heat transfer reflective segmented tape is lightweight, flexible, and breathable, enhancing both comfort and mobility. “The wicking properties of the mesh and segmented tape improve comfort making it feel much cooler when working in hot and humid conditions—indoors and out,” said Novick. “And the V-neck creates a visually flattering effect on women.”

New Neese FR Workwear—VU7LCA—Women’s FR CAT 2 Coverall Made with 7 oz. Westex UltraSoft Fabric
“Now women can have access to functional and comfortable Neese FR Workwear specifically designed to fit a woman’s form,” said Stephanie Garner, product development specialist at Radians.

This CAT 2 AR/FR coverall, designed by women for women, offers comfort, workplace utility, and reliable protection from FR hazards, including flash fire and electric arc flash injuries. “All Neese FR coveralls meet or exceed NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112, and ASTM F1506 for Arc Thermal Performance,” said Garner.

The Neese VU7LCA FR coverall is crafted from Made in USA Westex 7oz. UltraSoft fabric that moves easily and effortlessly, a benefit women will appreciate. Made with high-quality materials, other features include a leaf collar, seven double-stitched pockets, elastic waist, FR zipper front closure, and non-sparking covered snaps.

“Although we’ve manufactured and supplied men’s FR workwear for decades, the VU7LCA represents our first venture into FR Workwear specifically designed for women,” said Garner. “Safety pros and distributors will appreciate the in-stock quantities of this product as it isn’t a special-order item like other FR workwear products for women,” said Garner.

New Prohibitor™ FP74 and FP75 Foam Earplug Sized for Small Ear Canals
Radians has expanded its Made in USA foam earplug line with Prohibitor. This tapered, bullet-shaped plug is the ideal size for small ear canals while providing an excellent hearing protection rating of NRR 31 dB. Prohibitor features a soft, slow-recovery foam for a comfortable low-pressure fit.  This slim-fit, light blue disposable earplug is made of PVC-free Polyurethane foam and meets ANSI S3.19 standards. Easy to roll down and insert, Prohibitor is available corded and uncorded and is individually packaged in poly bags to keep each pair clean.

New RHHS Radians Collapsible Hi-Vis Hard Hat Shade for Men and Women
Radians’ new collapsible unisex hard hat shade fits most hard hats, including half brim and full brim.  The lightweight and generous drape at the back of the neck shields workers’ necks from the sweltering heat and the glare of the sun while facilitating the evaporation of perspiration.  The hi-vis color adds conspicuity during daylight hours, so it keeps workers visible during roadwork, outdoor construction, and outdoor maintenance. “For convenience and easy storage in toolkits, the giant shade folds down and packs easily in its self-contained pouch,” said Novick.

Radians will showcase these new products and others introduced in 2020 at several upcoming in-person fall trade shows, including the ASSP Safety 2021 Show, the Utility Expo, and the National Safety Council Congress and Expo. For more information, visit or call toll-free 1-877-723-4267. Radians safety products are sold through authorized distributors.

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