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Line Life Podcast: Storm Stories, Part 1, Lights Out in Oregon

May 20, 2021
To celebrate the line trade, we are introducing a new podcast series just for linemen. Here's the first audio story.

T&D World and Utility Products are celebrating the line trade by launching a new podcast--just for our lineworker audience. Whether you are on the road to a job site or storm restoration effort or relaxing after a long workday, you can listen to stories about storm restoration efforts, best practices in linework and the men and women in the line trade. You will also have the opportunity to share your comments on topics covered in the podcasts. We invite you to subscribe to the podcast today and become part of our Line Life community.

To learn more, listen to our trailer below and our first episode: Storm Stories: Lights Out in Oregon, which was written by Amy Fischbach and narrated by Danielle Blanchette of Endeavor Business Media. Afterward, go to the Web site and click on the "message" button to record your answer to this question:

Lineworkers: What is the most memorable storm you've worked on and why? 

Make sure you start out by stating your name, title, company name and location. Then provide a short answer describing the outages and restoration process. We will feature some of the comments in a future podcast episode. You can also send us a note or voice memo to [email protected]  or email Field Editor Amy Fischbach with your ideas for topics for future podcast episodes. We look forward to hearing from you! 



Line Life Podcast: Now on Podbean
T&D World's Line Life Podcast is now on Podbean, and starting in January 2024, it is moving from monthly to weekly distribution. Follow us on Podbean to be notified when new episodes are available. If you have a suggestion for a podcast guest, email us at [email protected]. Check out our latest episodes below. 

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