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Spotlight on the 2021 T&D World Lineman Supplement

April 2, 2021
We will be celebrating the line trade with the annual Lineman Supplement this September.

Every September, T&D World publishes a special print supplement--just for linemen. T&D World Field Editor Amy Fischbach looks forward to featuring you and your crews in the supplement. If you would like to be part of the stories, send her an email at [email protected]

Here are the topics we will be featuring in the Lineman Supplement:

1. Bridging the Knowledge Gap: How veteran journeymen linemen are transferring their knowledge to the up-and-coming linemen at their utilities. 

2. Aerial Patrols: Profiles of linemen who work as part of a crew to maintain infrastructure via helicopter in their service territories. 

3. Women in Line Work: Focus on women linemen who have made a difference at their utilities through a career in line work. 

4. Mutual Assistance: Highlights of recent storms and how the line trade comes together to help during severe weather events. 

E-mail Field Editor Amy Fischbach with your high-resolution photos and contacts for the 2021 Lineman Supplement. If you participate in the stories, you will have the opportunity to review the article as a Word document and PDF before it goes to press. We look forward to hearing from you.

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