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CenterPoint Energy Crews Head to New York to Support Winter Storm Recovery Efforts

Feb. 4, 2021
Consolidated Edison requests assistance to restore power as a result of heavy snowfall.

A group of CenterPoint Energy Major Underground network testers, cable splicers and support personnel departed this morning for New York to assist Consolidated Edison with power outage restoration resulting from major winter storms.

“Our thoughts are with the communities impacted by severe winter storms in the Northeast,” said Lynnae Wilson, CenterPoint Energy’s Senior Vice President of High Voltage Operations. “Mutual assistance requests for underground skills are unique and we will gladly support our peers in this way. Our dedicated teams are prepared to work 12- to 16-hour days to help restore electric service as safely and quickly as possible to affected customers in the New York area.”

CenterPoint Energy is part of electric utility mutual assistance programs that provide access to thousands of linemen and tree trimmers from around the country to lend a hand during widespread power outage emergencies. CenterPoint Energy has been the beneficiary of this assistance several times. After Hurricane Harvey, the company received the assistance of thousands of workers from 20 states, who helped the company’s crews restore power to customers within 10 days. Over the years, CenterPoint Energy crews have restored power to hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the country who were left in the dark following hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.

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