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How to Win a Lineman's Rodeo

Oct. 17, 2020
Maximo Fuentes, a retired lineman and supervisor and past Lineman's Rodeo winner, shares his strategies for achieving success at the competition.

The traditional Lineman's Rodeo Week wraps up with a day of competition and an awards banquet. For our virtual Lineman Celebration Week from Oct. 12-17, 2020, we are honoring the spirit of the competition on Super Saturday.

For example, we are posting photos from past Rodeo awards banquets and giving linemen an opportunity to test their knowledge by taking online quizzes prepared by the International LIneman's Rodeo Association. In addition, we invite apprentices and journeymen linemen to watch this special video by Maximo Fuentes on "How to Win a Rodeo." 

Thanks again for your participation in Lineman Celebration Week. We hope to see you next year in Kansas City. If you have any questions or comments, email Field Editor Amy Fischbach

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