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Portable Utility Pole Stand Can Assist in Storm Restoration

Oct. 12, 2020
The TemPole allows a team to respond quickly in an emergency and can be installed in less than an hour.

TemPole from Boismenu Mechanical is a portable utility pole stand used for temporary operation of utility services. TemPole is suited for storm restoration and quickly restoring power and saving reliability hours.

TemPole eliminates the need to call 811 (Dig Safe) and allows a smaller team to respond in an emergency. TemPole is user friendly and installs in less than an hour.

The TemPole is third-party engineering approved for height, weight and wind speeds. TemPole is built with steel and is constructed by A.W.S. D1.1 welding codes.

In addition to storm restoration, the TemPole is suitable for triage centers, brown-field applications and well as barriers.

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