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SOS Rolls Out New Grid Simulator for Power Industry

June 4, 2020
SOS provides enhanced transmission simulator for system operator training.

SOS Intl (SOS) has developed a new power grid simulator designed to train operating personnel around the world to perform normal, emergency, and system restoration tasks. The simulator is included in the SOS Power Systems Operations Training Program.

The new SOS power system simulator is a web-enabled tool that facilitates the application of transmission and balancing functions. Students can predict system behavior in response to operator actions and events using real-time and scenario-based data. This tool makes simulation training realistic and relevant for the system operator.

The training-friendly platform helps students apply the fundamentals learned in the all new tutorials with hands-on activities. Since the training is online, students have the advantage of working at their own pace, in their own space. This state-of-the-art technology includes trending capabilities for enhanced situation awareness during training.

According to Nancy DeLeon, SOS Technical Training Specialist, the new simulator allows SOS to deliver a more hands-on training experience for operators. “We’re very excited to provide students with trainer-friendly features that allow for simulated power system operations. The new SOS power system simulator includes upgraded images as well as challenging scenarios to increase student participation and retention,” said DeLeon.

“The new simulator design, which can be customized, includes a larger transmission system and more generation facilities. We’ve included renewable generation such as solar and wind which definitely allows students to master real-time situation awareness and decision making,” added Andy Burch, Director of Training Services at SOS.

Currently, about 10,000 transmission system operators are employed in North America.

“It’s critical these operators are well-trained and know how to respond and possibly prevent major events that occur on our transmission systems around the world. We’re thrilled to enhance the performance of our system operators through training with this tool,” explained Rocky Sease, owner and CEO at SOS.

SOS teamed up with WSC, Inc. (WSC), headquartered in Frederick, MD, to develop the new simulator. Both SOS and WSC have plans for future versions of the simulator which include a platform for combining generation, transmission, and distribution tasks – all in a pro-active step to improve system operator performance and ensure reliability for the electric industry.

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