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What is the State with the Highest Average Salary for Power Linemen?

Dec. 27, 2019
Check out the states with the top average salaries in 2019, according to ZipRecruiter.

When it comes to line work, hourly rates and yearly salaries can vary based on years of experience and other factors. According to ZipRecruiter, New York topped the list with the average annual pay at more than $84,000 and more than $40 an hour. 

How does your salary compare to the national average of $77,317 per year for a power lineman? ZipRecruiter scans its database of millions of active job listings to estimate the annual salary range for power linemen jobs. 

Here are some of the top states with the highest average salaries for power linemen in 2019. 

StateHourly RateYearly Salary
New York$40.68$84,606
New Hampshire$39.58$82,329
Hawaii and Vermont$37.25$77,486

Nevada, Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota and Montana




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