50 Hp 1 To 3 Microgrid Power Source

Microgrid Power Source Powers Multiple Three-Phase Motors

Dec. 24, 2019
SPPS introduces its 50 HP 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source, which generates clean, stable three-phase power from single-phase utility power.

Single Phase Power Solutions introduces the 50 HP 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source featuring a patented BELLE Motor with Written-Pole technology to deliver three-phase power from single-phase utility service. 

The 50 HP 1-to-3 can be used to operate a 25 HP motor three-phase motor, and multiple other motors up the remaining 25 HP of capacity.  Suitable for areas without a three-phase service, this approach eliminates the high fuel and maintenance costs and the pollution of fossil-fuel-powered Gen-Sets, while delivering power quality to that of a conventional phase converter. 

It is said to be more cost-effective than extending three-phase power where it is not currently available.  The 50 HP 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source is suitable for a broad range of industries and applications, including mining, agriculture, and commercial and industrial sites where three-phase power is not available.  Also available in 75 and 100 HP configurations.

A Written-Pole single-phase motor can drive a three-phase conventional generator to produce clean, balanced voltage.  The proven converter circuit can start multiple smaller three-phase motors.  The 1-to-3 MicroGrid Power Source can start a single motor up to about 50% of its rating, and other smaller motors up to its output rating, thus providing flexibility and cost savings. 

Because of the high load synchronizing capability of the Written-Pole drive motor, a large flywheel can be added to greatly improve the motor starting capacity of the three-phase generator. 

 Cost Efficiency and Ongoing Cost Savings

 Extending three-phase distribution is expensive, typically between $30K to $110K per mile.  Using a 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source avoids that cost. 

Utilities often amortize the high cost to extend distribution, charging customers monthly fees whether they use the power or not.  Use of a 1-to-3 avoids these charges, which can range from $12K to $60K per year.  

The highly efficient Written-Pole Motor driving the 1-to-3 achieves a full load efficiency exceeding 88%, which can reduce energy costs by thousands of dollars each year.  Since the 1-to-3 input runs at unity power factor, there is no power factor penalty, a potentially significant cost avoidance. 

 Low Maintenance
The 1-to-3 can replace the diesel or gas engines that are often used as the prime movers for pumps and generator sets.  In addition to adding fuel, these engines require significant maintenance and upkeep such as filters, spark plugs, belts, oil changes, and more. The Written-Pole motor requires very little maintenance in comparison.  Air and noise pollution are also reduced, but most importantly reliability is greatly improved with the 1-to-3.

 Power Quality
The 1-to-3 allows weak single-phase lines to deliver strong three-phase power with excellent voltage regulation and precise 60 Hz frequency.  The generator output voltage provides a well-balanced three-phase power capable of staring and running large three-phase motors and power quality-sensitive electronic controls.  This equipment isolates the application (and the utility) from harmonics that are harmful to sensitive loads.

Written-Pole motors start using only 1.7x their rated running current.  This eliminates the excess voltage sag or “flicker” that can cause problems on distribution lines.  The efficiency rating of the motor is 95.5% and the generator efficiency is 93.5%, resulting in an overall efficiency of 89% with 10% electrical isolation. 

With the 1-to-3 Power Source customers served by single-phase lines can get high-quality power for three-phase applications.  Unlike conventional phase converters, the 1-to-3™ provides true, balanced, three-phase power, eliminates disruptive harmonic feedback, is a unity power factor load to the utility, and with an added flywheel, can ride through momentary power interruptions with ease.

 Single Phase Power Solutions manufactures the world’s only large horsepower single-phase motor.  Their patented Written-Pole technology delivers a robust and reliable solution for agricultural, industrial, municipal, oil and gas, and emerging market application that need large horsepower output but only have access to a single-phase power line. 

They manufacture a full range of Belle Motors up to 100 HP as well as their 1-to-3 Microgrid Power Source that generates three-phase power from a single-phase line. 

For additional information visit www.sppowersolutions.com

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