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Oct. 21, 2019
Martha Davis, senior director of content for T&D World magazine, shares her thoughts on attending her first International Lineman's Rodeo.

As a relatively new employee of T&D World, I attended my first International Lineman’s Rodeo Expo and Rodeo Competition in Overland Park, KS, last week.  There was record attendance at the Expo this year with linemen from over 100 utilities and 171 exhibitors (29 new exhibitors this year).

The pride of not only the workers, but also their families set the tone for the entire event.  There aren’t a lot of work events to which I can bring my family, so I was excited to bring them along and provide some exposure to the line trade. 

In addition to the rodeo competition itself where the linemen showcased their skills, there was fantastic Kansas City BBQ, bucket truck rides, as well as a children’s area complete with animals and cotton candy.  Countless men eagerly talked to my teenage son about a potential career in the line trade and there were several obvious themes: training, hard work, skill, safety, travel and nice pickup trucks!  One sentiment we heard repeatedly was that this is a career that will support your family no matter where you live. 

This trade not only provides for its workers’ families but provides the foundation and first responders for our grid.  We are all so thankful for our linemen. I was proud to be able to be associated with such a great tradition and look forward to attending more rodeos in the future. Thank you for sharing your work and families with me this week!

Martha Davis
Senior Director of Content
T&D World

P.S. Check out my video highlights below of Rodeo week. 

About the Author

Martha Davis | Senior Director of Content

Prior to working at T&D World and Utility Analytics Institute, Martha worked as an executive in the energy industry for about 15 years. She has held various regulatory and government affairs positions and had the opportunity to shape public policy.

Martha has a B.A. from Westminster College in Fulton, MO; completed specialized legal and public policy coursework at American University in Washington, D.C.; M.P.A. Public Affairs and M.B.A. Business Administration both from the University of Missouri. She is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Denver where she is researching business analytics, innovation and regulation.

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