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Road to the Rodeo: National Grid

Sept. 22, 2019
With the 2019 International Lineman's Rodeo right around the corner, we are putting Rodeo teams in the spotlight with our "Road to the Rodeo" photo series.

As T&D World prepares for the 2019 International Lineman's Rodeo in October, we are showcasing "Road to the Rodeo" photos. The Rodeo is a time for linemen to come together to celebrate the trade, and through the spirit of competition and camaraderie, they showcase their skills at the day-long event. 

Before linemen even step foot on the international stage, however, many have already competed in local, state and regional Rodeos. For example, National Grid's New York team won awards and supported a good cause at the National Sisterhood United of Journeymen Linemen Rodeo in Pennsylvania. 

Josh Conway, the line supervisor for National Grid in Syracuse, New York, runs the New York National Grid Rodeo Team. The utility has three states that make up its Rodeo team: New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

"We look forward to attending the International again this year," Conway says. "it should be a good one!"

Do you have photos that you want to share of your team "on the road to the Rodeo?" Email them to Field Editor Amy Fischbach along with short descriptions of where and when the photos were taken, what the linemen are doing in the photos and the names of the linemen if possible. We look forward to hearing from you. 

The 2018 National Grid Rodeo Team competed at the International Lineman's Rodeo in Bonner Springs, Kansas. 
The National Grid Rodeo Team competed at the NSUJL in 2019 in Pennsylvania. 
Members of the National Grid Rodeo Team hang the flags at the NSUJL 2019 opening ceremony.

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