Terex Updates Load Alert Monitor Display

Aug. 15, 2019
Terex Utilities Load Alert system provides visible and audible alerts when an overload is detected.

Terex Utilities has updated the monitor display for the Terex Load Alert system. Load Alert monitors and analyzes the truck’s jib and platform capacity and boom positions on Terex aerial devices. It provides visible and audible alerts when an overload is detected. 

Load Alert monitors boom angle, platform and jib capacity, winch line distance from the platform pivot point and winch line load. Included in the display is a full load chart in addition to the printed load chart, to assist operators with staying within the operating limits of the aerial device. The initial screen indicates that the system is operational, and during operations, now turns red if an overload is detected and displays “overload” on the screen. A dial read-out shows the percentage of overload for either the platform or the jib or both. In addition, an alert sounds in the platform and at ground level.

“The system supplements users’ safe work practices by providing immediate feedback to an operator,” says Kevin Stutzman, engineering manager. “As an option, it is also possible to send a notification report via text or email to a specified location. For example, notifications to fleet departments can provide information to assist with maintenance protocols." 

Joe Caywood, director of marketing, says by staying engaged with customers, Load Alert has evolved since its introduction in 2016—the first of its kind for insulated aerial devices.

"As new technology becomes available or we identify improvement opportunities, we seek feedback from our customer partners," Caywood says. "The new monitor displays area result of those conversations."

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