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Klein Launches Cutter For Confined Spaces

Jan. 18, 2019
Klein's Precision Flush Cutter is designed for increased control when working in confined spaces.

Klein Tools launched the Precision Flush Cutter for increased control when working in confined spaces. The tool’s heat-treated knife design maximizes durability, and its ultra-slim, lightweight profile offers a unique solution for jobs that demand precision and control.

“Klein Tools’ team of engineers, craftsmen and workers developed the new Precision Flush Cutter to enable extended work in hard-to-reach spaces,” says Austin Minor, associate product manager at KleinTools. “Features include an ultra-slim design and heat-treated cutting blades for added control and durability. This U.S.-made tool equips professionals with the precision needed to get the job done when cutting small wires, zip ties and other fine materials.”

Here are some features of the Precision Flush Cutters (Cat. No. D275-5)

  • Improved knife design snips wire up to 16 AWG to produce flat, flush cuts
  • Ultra-slim profile enables work in confined spaces
  • Comfortable grips provide greater tool control
  • Pinch cutting greatly reduces cutting effort and minimizes fly-off
  • Heat treated cutting blades increase durability
  • Steel return spring makes repetitive, all-day cutting easier
  • Suitable for cutting small wire, zip ties and other fine materials

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