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And the Winner of the Rodeo Snap-on Toolbox Raffle Is....

Oct. 17, 2018
A lineman for Eversource wins a custom tool chest from Snap-on Tools.

It's a win-win: linemen can support the International Lineman's Rodeo Scholarship Fund and enter for a chance to win a new customized tool chest from Snap-on Tools. Each year, a new Snap-on custom toolbox greets linemen as they enter the Overland Park Convention Center for the safety and training conference. This year, the tool chest featured an American flag design. 

Anthony Magistro, a lineman for Eversource and a resident of Bradford, New Hampshire, won the tool chest in the raffle. Snap-on President John Tremblay presented it to him at the annual awards banquet the night of the Rodeo. Congratulations, Anthony!

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