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BHAUC: Solving Tomorrow’s Grid Issues Today

Aug. 15, 2018
The Utility Analytics Institute is offering an opportunity for its members to participate in a real-world discussion on the future direction of the power industry.

Grid operations experts are experiencing and evaluating little issues every day that allow for bigger problems to be solved in the future.

In September, Utility Analytics Institute (UAI) members are sharing the big, hairy, audacious use case (BHAUC) they are currently taking the small steps to achieve three to five years into the future. What is the BHAUC you are working toward and what are the first steps you’re taking today to get there?

The format will be three to five minutes to present a single PowerPoint slide with a few minutes of Q&A on that project directly following. This will be a real-world discussion of where the industry is going and answer the question of whether or not there is truly a plan for these use cases in terms of the steps being taken today.

 One BHAUC to look forward to centers around what is being done to create a digital twin to reach customers and the steps taken to create a data profile that replicates the full customer experience for each customer, ultimately enabling the development of models that can accurately predict specific customer behavior to achieve proactive customer engagement and more targeted service quality management.

 In order to tap into the depth of knowledge and experience these use cases will offer, you must be a member of UAI and the Grid Operations Analytics Community. Don’t miss this opportunity; register today!

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