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Tdworld 12099 Pole Streeter On Mutual Aid Duty
Tdworld 12099 Pole Streeter On Mutual Aid Duty
Tdworld 12099 Pole Streeter On Mutual Aid Duty
Tdworld 12099 Pole Streeter On Mutual Aid Duty
Tdworld 12099 Pole Streeter On Mutual Aid Duty

Enter the 2018 Lineman Life Photography Contest

Feb. 6, 2018
Submit your best photos of linemen at work, and you can compete to win a Tail Tamer from Utility Solutions or have your photo showcased in our online photo gallery.

For linemen, there is no ordinary day at the office. From one day to the next, they may be suspended from a helicopter, working on a high-voltage transmission line or restoring power following a natural disaster. Lineman Life, our enewsletter that celebrates the line trade, wants to capture these moments with our new photography contest. 

The first place winner will be awarded the Tail Tamer, a temporary hot line clamp from Utility Solutions. The tool, which was originally invented by a lineman, won the 2017 Best of the Best contest at the International Lineman's Expo. The top 10 photos will be featured in an online photo gallery, and a few of the best vertical photos may even appear in future Parting Shot departments within the Electric Utility Operations section of Transmission and Distribution World magazine. E-mail your photos to [email protected]

Here are the details: 

1. Please enter high-resolution photos that are at least 1 MB in size. They can be either horizontal or vertical. If you took the photo on your phone, please email it as an attachment at the largest size possible. For example, on an iPhone, send it at the "Actual Size," which is usually about 2 MB. 

2.  The photos must be taken between Jan. 1, 2017 and Feb. 1, 2018. 

3. The photo must show linemen at work in the field demonstrating safe work practices. For example, they must be wearing the proper personal protective equipment. 

4. Please include a short description of where the photo was taken and what the linemen are doing in the photo. 

5. If possible, please also mention the name of the photographer so we can give him or her credit in the online photo gallery. 

Please email all photos, descriptions and photographers' names to Field Editor Amy Fischbach at [email protected] by March 8, 2018. 

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