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Spotlight on the Line Trade: Jonathan Ramsdell of NV Energy

Feb. 6, 2018
jonathan ramsdell

• Married for two years to his wife, Lesile, and has twin daughters, Danika and Madison, and a son named Jordan.
• Enjoys time with his family, skiing, serving on the Mt. Rose Ski Patrol, mixing and producing electronic dance and house music, and working as an EMT instructor.
• Believes that “you make time for what you love to do.”
• Can’t live without his Klein cutters.
• Is the first lineman in his family.

Early Years
In 2011, I was injured in a skiing accident when I had an equipment malfunction and tumbled down 600 vertical feet and over a cliff. After shattering six ribs and puncturing a lung, I felt lucky to be alive. I was out of work for two months while recovering, and the accident changed the course of my life. Prior to becoming a lineman, I worked as a meter reader for three years. After the accident, I moved to NV Energy’s mail room. Each day, I delivered mail to my future wife. After 15 months in the mailroom, I was awarded an apprenticeship and have been in the job for the past five years.

Day in the Life
I became interested in the line trade because I love the brotherhood and camaraderie, feel like it is exciting work, and enjoy working with my hands and seeing the end result. The work we do is important because we keep the lights on for our customers. I first worked on the traveling transmission team, and I am now working on the Reno electric crews.

Favorite Project
Currently, I am working on a large project in downtown Reno. Our team is converting a 4-kV line to 25 kV, which will improve reliability for customers. On the project, we are rubber gloving a lot, and everything is focused on safety, communication and teamwork. The job is challenging and exciting, because it requires a heightened awareness to execute the job and attention to detail.

Life as a Lineman
I feel lucky and blessed to be a lineman. I come to work early each day, and I stay late because I love what I do. In line work, every day is a new day, and every job is different. It’s a hard job, and if others were interested in becoming a lineman, I would tell them to do it for the right reason — not just for the money. It’s very rewarding because we are helping people.

Memorable Storm
My most memorable storm event was the recent 2017 snowstorm. We worked a 36-hour shift in 60-mph winds with rain and snow blowing in all directions in northern Nevada. We had brutal conditions, but we worked hard to get the lights on for our customers. We know it was appreciated by our customers who saw us working for them in such rough conditions.

Dangers of the Job
NV Energy has created a culture where safety is our number one priority, on every job, every day. Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. NV Energy has given us the tools to be safe, and as linemen, it is our job to effectively use those tools and be safe once we walk out of the huddle. This is a brotherhood; we watch out for each other.

Tools and Technology
The new technology, such as the remote line sensors, helps to improve the system, and as a result, makes me more efficient and provides greater reliability to our customers.

Competing at the Rodeo
I have competed in four apprentice lineman rodeos in Reno, which are always a fun experience. It is all about camaraderie and safety. I enjoyed seeing the level of experience and talent we have in our group of apprentices.

Plans for the Future
I am an avid learner. Each job is different, and I learn something new each day. Constantly learning drives me, and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with my peers. My goal is to amass as much knowledge as I can about line work, and I am committed to sharing my knowledge with others. While this job can take you in so many different directions, at this time, I am focused on being the best lineman I can be each day.

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