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Hastings Adds Wireless Temperature Probe to Product Offerings

Jan. 12, 2018
Hastings wireless temperature probe

Hastings recently introduced a wireless temperature probe to its product offerings. The Probe can be used to measure the physical temperature of any energized or de-energized hardware or object, including transformers, conductors, and connectors. Intended primarily for use with Hastings’ Tel-O-Pole Series products, the unit can transmit and receive measurements from distances of up to 100 feet.

 Measurements are taken through direct contact with the end of the fiberglass probe. This direct contact feature eliminates the “emissivity effect” and produces more accurate readouts than non-contact sensors or thermal lensed cameras. A spring-loaded guide plate on the probe helps position the device and offers retracting, allowing for use on any size round or flat objects.

 An included LCD receiver reads real-time temperatures and allows for temporary memory storage for up to three separate readings.

 The Wireless Temperature Probe is Hastings’ third new product announcement since November. The first product announcement was for Hastings’ Single- and Three-Phase Load Pick-up Break Switches. The second was for Hastings' Tel-O-Pole Slide Stop.

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