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Linemen Can Notify Responders in an Emergency Situation With Device

Nov. 14, 2017
When working out in the field in remote regions, it's crucial for crews to stay in constant communication. If linemen are working alone, however, and they get into a difficult situation, it may be hours until help arrives. A device, however, offers instant communication with first responders.

 Linemen often work in remote regions to restore power or rebuild or maintain infrastructure. If they are working alone, and they fall off a structure, become trapped, or are otherwise incapacitated, a lineman could be without emergency assistance for hours. 

Compounding the challenge, winter weather can make line work even more hazardous due to low temperatures and severe conditions. During this time of year, it becomes even more crucial for linemen to stay in constant communication with responders, coworkers or other parties. Taking out a cell phone to make a call or sending a message on a tablet is not always possible in the field due to limited connectivity. 

The Mobile Defender Mobile-S, however, can monitor a lineman's status and immediately call for help in the event of a problem. A worker can press one button to connect with responders if possible. 

The device enables two-way voice with high-power speaker or microphone with noise cancellation. Also, it offers a multi-call rotation call to up to four numbers in a series based on no response, and the sensitive microphone is capable of picking up clear voices from at least 10 ft. 

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