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Service After the Storm: The Hastings Way

Oct. 3, 2017
Learn more about Hastings’ commitment to supplying quality service and life-saving products in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

From Hurricane Harvey’s devastating flooding in Texas and Hurricane Irma’s widespread destruction in Florida, to the near decimation of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, no two storms are the same. Neither is the destruction left in their wake. That’s why Hastings works hard to mobilize its team in a responsive and helpful manner after each hurricane and natural disaster.

A leading supplier of hot line tools and equipment since 1959, Hastings is often called upon by crews sent to survey and repair storm damage when they need gear.

Backing its reputation for quality, dependable, and long-lasting products with hassle-free service even under pressure is just the Hastings way.

“All storm orders come first,” said Kirk Mulder, sales manager for Hastings. The company typically charges a rush fee for urgent orders, but chooses to waive those fees in the wake of a natural disaster.

“Our customers understand that we will and probably even have extended the same courtesy to them in a time of emergency, so no one gets upset when we institute this policy.”

Hastings also tries to be proactive about its production to maintain typical lead times from in stock to shipped in 2 weeks throughout the year.

“As soon as we hear a storm is a possibility, we start building up our product inventory,” Mulder said. “We know what will be asked for in most cases.”

Tel-O-Poles, shotgun sticks, pruning saws, live line testers, and grounding equipment are the most requested products after a natural disaster.

Designed for long reach, speed, convenience, and safety, Tel-O-Poles are ideal for opening and closing disconnect switches, replacing fuses on transformers, and pruning tree limbs.

Shotgun sticks are useful in applying and removing clamps and other devices from electrical lines and conductors.

Pruning saws by Hastings adapt to all tools with universal heads or can be used as a hand saw for added flexibility.

Working with standing or fallen power lines, live line testers enable crews to safely assess whether or not a line is energized.

Grounding equipment provide shock protection to crews as they work on lines and equipment.

When utility companies send manpower to a disaster site, they don’t know what to expect, Mulder said.

“Contractors are sent in and then call us or to order what they need,” he said.

Crews can’t predict what they’ll need until they see the damage first hand, so orders begin to ramp up when crews arrive, during the assessment period, and for the duration of the clean-up period, Mulder said.

“The damage from the storms that hit Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico will take a long time to recover from,” Mulder said. “We are happy to help assist clean-up crews by providing the gear they need in a timely fashion.”

Timeliness isn’t the only value Hastings invests to every order; the company also stakes its reputation on keeping lineman safe.

Hastings’ products have been field-tested in all 50 states and in countries around the world. When lineman see the Hastings name, they know they are using the best tool available, Mulder said.

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