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aves pound the shore from approaching Hurricane Harvey on August 25, 2017 in Corpus Christi, Texas

AEP Texas Crews Arriving in Preparation for Storm Restoration Effort

Aug. 25, 2017
These personnel include distribution and transmission line crews, forestry teams and support staff

AEP Texas indicates that approximately 2,000 personnel have either arrived or shortly will arrive at locations to safely wait out Hurricane Harvey and then begin the restoration process. These personnel include distribution and transmission line crews, forestry teams and support staff.  The 2,000 additional personnel are in addition to 300 restoration personnel normally assigned to the area.  

“AEP Texas uses the Incident Command Structure (ICS) approach in planning, preparing and executing its restoration effort,” said Tom Coad, AEP Texas vice president of Distribution Region Operations.  “We monitor weather services on an ongoing basis and begin ramping up our planning activities as a storm approaches.  We use a number of models to predict the number of resources that we will need based on projections of intensity of the storm and other factors.  We adjust those as the storm grows closer and more definitive information becomes available.  After the storm passes, we then refine our restoration plans as new information becomes available from damage assessments.”  

Contrary to some reports in a few communities and on social media, AEP Texas has no plans to interrupt electric service as the storm approaches.  Due to current weather conditions, and the need to get crews safely situated as Hurricane Harvey approaches the coast, AEP Texas is not currently responding to any current outages in Corpus Christi and surrounding areas. 

Once the storm has passed crews will first begin addressing electric safety hazards such as downed power lines as damage assessors begin determining the level of damage and refining the restoration work plans.   As soon as possible, crews also being work to restore service to critical services such as water treatment plants, hospitals and other city services.

During the storm, customers are asked not to call AEP Customer Solution Center except to report downed power lines and other situations that could pose a safety threat.

Residents can track current outages by visiting the outage area at There is a real-time outage map featuring the most current available information.  Customers also can sign up for outage alerts to receive updates via text or email. 

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