Tdworld 8470 Linemans Rodeo Gopro

GoPro Footage from Linemen Competitors at the International Rodeo

Oct. 19, 2014
GoPro footage from the 2014 International Lineman's Rodeo event in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

What would happen if you taped a camera on the helmet of a lineman? We wanted to test this out at the 2014 International Lineman's Rodeo. Thanks to the help of a few linemen, we were able to grab some incredible footage of the event. We spotted several lineman using GoPros.

Mark Hughes Successfully Completes the Journeyman Hotstick Competition

Opening Ceremony

Watching the Opening Ceremony 100 ft. in the bucket was quite the treat. The following video covers a good chunk of the coverage. Note: At marker 6:20 you'll see the planes fly by the American Flag.

Hurtman's Rescue

Bruce Thompson, journeyman for Local 47 in Riverside, Calif. attempts the Hurtman's Rescue at the 31st Annual International Lineman's Rodeo in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

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