Using a flatbed trailer with poles, transformers and conductors attached, KCP&L will demonstrate the dangers and safety precautions of being around energized lines. The lines will be energized at 7,200 V, and you will get to see what a primary arc looks like and a blown fuse sounds like.

Electrical Safety Demonstration

Oct. 2, 2015
Spiwak and Glen Maughmer of Kansas City Power & Light, will present an electrical safety demonstration.

After being in an electrical accident in 2008, Shawn Spiwak has dedicated his time and energy toward teaching others the hazards of electricity and the steps to take to make it safer. With seven years of experience as a journeyman lineman, he came into contact with a 7200-V line. Now he wants to ensure no one else goes through the same experience.

Spiwak and Glen Maughmer of Kansas City Power & Light, will present an electrical safety demonstration at the Overland Park Convention Center on Wednesday, Oct. 14, from 2:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Maughmer has been a journeyman lineman for 29 years. The last eight years, he has spent training apprentice lineman and conducting safety and training for journeyman lineman and the general public.

The safety demonstration will educate participants on how to remain safe around electricity. Using a mobile distribution system that includes poles, conductors, transformers and meter cans, qualified Instructors will energize primary lines at 7200 V and secondary lines at 120/240 volts to demonstrate potential dangers of electrical contact. An electrical contact survivor shares his personal injury story and subsequent prevention measures. Presentations are geared toward the group being presented to, i.e. firemen, school, community members, etc.


1. Introduce the basics of electricity

2. Introduce electrical theory and its application in the “real world”

3. Introduce how a distribution system operates

4. Understand the importance of locating underground lines

5. Understand the hazards of the electrical system

6. Describe a personal injury – accident prevention

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