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3M QS4 Integrated Splice for Medium Voltage Cables Installs Quickly

April 25, 2014
3M has announced the Cold Shrink QS4 Integrated Splice is now available for the construction and industrial market.

3M has announced the Cold Shrink QS4 Integrated Splice now available for the construction and industrial market. Introduced to the utility market in 2013, the 3M Cold Shrink QS4 splice integrates all of the layers of a shielded power cable splice into one compact joint to make installation quick and easy.

Based on 3M’s field-proven QS-III Cold Shrink splice body, the new QS4 splice is specifically designed to meet IEEE standards. The QS4 splice includes new features like an integrated design that reduces parking space and simplifies installation, an easy-pulling, smooth-edged yellow core and a new, craft-friendly re-jacketing tube that eliminates additional core and the need for messy grease. A customizable, factory-installed ground braid and fewer components further reduce field prep time.

Designed, tested and manufactured in the United States, the QS4 splice integrates cold shrink technology, invented by 3M more than 40 years ago. Once installed, a cold shrink splice creates a reliable electrical interface without sealants or adhesives.

Each splice is tested for partial discharge and 1 min. AC withstand in the 3M factory before it is shipped. The complete QS4 portfolio includes splice kits for 15, 25/28, and 35 kV Tape Shield, Wire Shield, UniShield®, Longitudinally Corrugated (LC), Jacketed Concentric Neutral (JCN) and Flat Strap Neutral power cables and covers conductor ranges up to 1000 kcmil (500 mm2).


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